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Watch Taylor Swift and Lisa Kudrow’s surprising rendition of “Smelly Cat” from “Friends.”

In a surprising turn during Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour at the Staples Centre on August 26, 2015, audiences experienced an unforgettable moment. Swift, known for her love of surprises, hinted at a special guest who turned out to be Lisa Kudrow, famed for playing Phoebe Buffay on “Friends.” The excitement was palpable as they knew something special was about to happen.

Together, Swift and Kudrow delivered a heartwarming performance of “Smelly Cat,” a humorous song from “Friends” that has become a fan favorite. Their on-stage chemistry, complete with shared guitar strums and playful exchanges, turned the song into a memorable sing-along moment, especially with Kudrow’s comedic insistence on “feeling the lyrics.”

Swift’s 1989 World Tour was a landmark event, celebrating her musical evolution and featuring hits like “Blank Space.” The tour further cemented her status as a global music icon. The “Smelly Cat” performance added a unique touch to the tour, showcasing the cross-cultural impact of “Friends” and its timeless humor.

The unexpected duet between Swift and Kudrow highlighted the magic of live performances and the joy of witnessing two iconic figures from different entertainment spheres come together, creating a lasting memory for all in attendance.

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