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Kris Jones: Rising to Internet Fame as a Dad with “Tennessee Whiskey”

“Originally penned by David Allan Coe in 1981, “Tennessee Whiskey” experienced a resurgence through Chris Stapleton’s soulful interpretation on his debut album “Traveller” in 2015. This rendition sparked a flurry of cover videos across social media platforms, as highlighted by Country Thang Daily.

Kris Jones’ unique take on the song, performed in a Home Depot parking lot in 2017, emerged as a standout cover. Filmed by his daughter Dayla, who aimed to share her father’s singing talent with her peers, the video quickly garnered 70 million views across different platforms within 14 months, as reported by Country Music Family.

A viewer, Mr Jinx, commended Jones for his authentic talent in a comment, pointing out the rawness of his performance without studio enhancements, and Dayla’s evident pride. The video highlights not just Jones’ remarkable rendition but also the deep connection between him and his daughter.

After Kris’s wife, Destinie Jones, posted the video on Facebook, it led to an invitation from Ellen DeGeneres for Kris and Dayla to appear on her show. On the show, Jones discussed his musical dreams, which had been put on hold due to life’s obstacles. This changed in 2018 with the launch of an EP that made its mark on the country music charts. Here is the Chris Stapleton hit that ignited the trend leading to Jones’s widespread recognition:

Kris Jones’s story is one of overcoming adversity. Raised in Fort Worth, Texas, amidst a culturally diverse family, he encountered numerous challenges, including bullying that caused him to leave school early. Music served as his sanctuary, from choir performances to karaoke contests. A difficult phase in his youth led to a six-year incarceration, during which Jones turned to singing for comfort.

Upon his release at age 26, Jones focused on rebuilding his life around his family and career. Despite not making it on American Idol, he continued to pursue singing as a pastime. His daughter’s initiative in 2017 unexpectedly brought his vocal talent back into the limelight.

Following his appearance on The Ellen Show, Jones had opportunities to appear on The Voice and The Four, though his music career has not fully taken off yet. Affectionately known as the “Tennessee Whiskey Dad,” Jones is cherished for his viral fame, enjoying a happy marriage and the lasting impact of his internet stardom.

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