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Heavenly Harmonies: Kelly Clarkson and Lady Gaga’s Version of “Shallow”

The collaboration between Lady Gaga and Kelly Clarkson on “Shallow” is an unexpected but delightful surprise. Originally a hit by Gaga and Bradley Cooper, the song gained an extra layer of vocal richness with the addition of Clarkson’s voice, elevating the ballad to a whole new level.

A creative YouTuber named Blighght masterfully combined live performances from both artists into a mashup that feels authentic. It wasn’t until I read the video description that I realized it was a crafted edit, as their voices blend so effortlessly in the track. This unique rendition of “Shallow” has garnered 4.6 million views on YouTube, showcased in the link below.

The mashup starts with Clarkson’s understated and personal delivery of the opening verse, followed by Gaga’s equally mellow performance on the piano for the next verse. The intensity builds as each artist powerfully delivers the pre-chorus, leading to a harmonious and poignant chorus where their voices merge beautifully.

The combination of Gaga and Clarkson on this track is a genuine auditory pleasure, with Blighght’s arrangement making the collaboration seem as natural as if it were planned. The seamless blend of their voices suggests that a live duet would be phenomenal. For a taste of Clarkson’s solo rendition of “Shallow,” performed in Green Bay, Wisconsin, refer to the following link.

Clarkson has a talent for choosing covers that resonate with her style, and her performance of “Shallow” is no exception. At her concert, she expressed her admiration for the original by Gaga and Cooper and humorously noted the absence of her own Bradley Cooper. She praised Gaga’s passion for music and recalled a personal anecdote of Gaga’s kindness early in her career, highlighting the mutual respect between the two artists.

Despite “Shallow” being stylistically different from Gaga’s usual dance-pop tracks, it stands as one of her most iconic songs, especially on Spotify where it leads with over 2.2 billion streams, significantly surpassing her other hits like “Poker Face”.

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