Blood, Sweat and Tears’ Unmatched Performance in “You’ve Made Me So Very Happy”

“You’ve Made Me So Very Happy” is a song recorded by the American rock and jazz fusion group Blood, Sweat & Tears. The song was released as a single in 1969 and later included on their album “Blood, Sweat & Tears.”

The song is known for its soulful and horn-driven sound, featuring the distinctive vocals of David Clayton-Thomas, who was the lead singer of the group at the time. The lyrics express gratitude and happiness for the love and happiness that a special person has brought into the singer’s life. The chorus includes the repeated line, “You’ve made me so very happy.”

“You’ve Made Me So Very Happy” was a commercial success and became one of Blood, Sweat & Tears’ signature hits. It reached the Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and is often considered a classic of the rock and jazz fusion genres.

The song is celebrated for its powerful horn section, Clayton-Thomas’s emotional vocals, and its place in the rock and jazz fusion landscape of the late 1960s. It continues to be a favorite among fans of the era and is frequently included in retrospectives of the period.

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