Keith’s Chilled Serenade in “98.6”

“98.6” is a song by American singer-songwriter Keith (born James Barry Keefer), released in 1966. It’s a catchy and upbeat pop song that became a hit during the mid-1960s. The song was written by George Fischoff and Tony Powers.

“98.6” features a bright melody and lyrics that describe the singer’s feelings of love and infatuation. The title “98.6” refers to the normal human body temperature in degrees Fahrenheit, and in the song, it symbolizes the singer’s emotional state, which is elevated due to his love.

Upon its release, “98.6” climbed the music charts and became one of Keith’s most recognizable songs. Its breezy, poppy sound and easy-to-sing-along-with lyrics made it a favorite on the radio during the 1960s.

While Keith may not have had a large number of chart-topping hits, “98.6” remains a memorable and enduring song from the era, capturing the carefree and romantic spirit of mid-60s pop music.

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