Linda Ronstadt’s Sizzling Performance of “Heat Wave”

“Heat Wave / Love Is a Rose” is a medley of two songs performed by American singer Linda Ronstadt. “Heat Wave” was originally a hit for Martha and the Vandellas in 1963, and “Love Is a Rose” was written by Neil Young. Linda Ronstadt’s medley was released on her 1975 album “Prisoner in Disguise.”

“Heat Wave” is an energetic and classic Motown song that captures the excitement and heat of love, while “Love Is a Rose” is a folk-rock song with a more reflective and romantic feel.

In the medley, Ronstadt seamlessly combines the two songs, showcasing her versatile vocal abilities and the ability to transition from a fiery, uptempo song to a more intimate and emotional one. Her passionate performance in “Heat Wave” and her tenderness in “Love Is a Rose” make this medley a standout on the album.

Linda Ronstadt’s medley of these two songs received critical acclaim and became a fan favorite. Her powerful vocals and the skillful blending of two contrasting songs make it a memorable piece in her extensive catalog.

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