Fans Adore Helene Fischer & Elvis Presley’s Archive Duet ‘Just Pretend

Elvis Presley held the title of Rock and Roll’s Sovereign, impacting listeners regardless of personal musical preferences. His contribution to music was monumental, securing his place in the Hall of Fame from the moment he emerged in the music scene. His tracks, ranging from rockabilly to heart-stirring ballads, remain eternal anthems that inspire movement and deep emotions. In a groundbreaking moment in 2016, Presley made a posthumous comeback on stage, this time in high-definition video alongside Helene Fischer.

This innovative collaboration, fusing modernity with the legendary Elvis Presley, was crafted by Guy Fletcher and his co-writer, Doug Flett. Their reinterpretation of Elvis classics was featured in the 2016 album “The Wonder of You: Elvis Presley with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra”. The record combined original Elvis recordings with new orchestral arrangements from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, transforming these iconic tunes while honoring the original essence of the King’s work.

The execution of the performance was creatively staged. It opens with a vintage clip of Elvis Presley performing “Just Pretend”, showcasing his enduring charm. As the audience is drawn into this nostalgic act, the scene expands and shifts to reveal Helene Fischer next to a screen displaying Elvis, resulting in a distinctive duet. The addition of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra enriches the performance further.

Elvis Presley, revered as the King Of Rock and Roll, was a defining figure in American music history. Starting from modest beginnings, he established a musical dynasty that inspired a multitude of artists to explore musical avenues. His legacy continues to resonate, with contemporary musicians often covering his songs. Notably recognized for his rockabilly flair, he produced some of the most iconic rock and roll tracks and ballads, including the famous “Jailhouse Rock”. Listen to it here:

Helene Fischer has emerged as one of Germany’s most esteemed vocal talents. Since her entry into the music industry in 2005, she has swiftly ascended to prominence, amassing numerous accolades, including 17 Echo awards and a World Music Award for Best-Selling German Artist in 2014. In 2018, she stood as the seventh-leading touring artist globally.

The year 2024 marked the announcement of “Elvis Evolution”, an innovative AI and holographic project set to resurrect the King of Rock and Roll on stage. Scheduled for its London debut, the project aims to utilize photographs and videos of the singer to craft a novel experience, sparking widespread discussion among enthusiasts.

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