Alice Cooper’s Powerful Message in “Only Women Bleed”

“Only Women Bleed” is a power ballad by American rock musician Alice Cooper. The song was released in 1975 on his album “Welcome to My Nightmare.” Written by Cooper and guitarist Dick Wagner, the song is notable for its emotive lyrics and haunting melody.

“Only Women Bleed” addresses the theme of domestic violence and portrays the struggles faced by women in abusive relationships. The lyrics are a poignant exploration of pain, vulnerability, and the resilience of women. The song’s title is a metaphorical reference to menstruation, emphasizing the physical and emotional endurance of women.

Cooper’s powerful vocals and the song’s orchestral arrangement create a dramatic and evocative atmosphere. “Only Women Bleed” is often praised for its raw emotion and social commentary, making it one of Alice Cooper’s most respected and enduring compositions.

Over the years, “Only Women Bleed” has been covered by various artists and has become a feminist anthem, highlighting the importance of addressing issues related to domestic violence and women’s rights.

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