Ringo Starr’s Heartfelt Performance of ‘Only You’

“Only You (And You Alone)” is a classic love ballad originally recorded by The Platters in 1955. However, Ringo Starr, the former drummer of The Beatles, released his version of the song as a single in 1974.

Ringo Starr’s rendition of “Only You” was part of his album “Goodnight Vienna,” released in the same year. His version of the song has a soft rock arrangement with Ringo’s signature vocal style, giving the classic tune a refreshing touch.

The song “Only You” is known for its romantic lyrics and soulful melody. Ringo’s version maintains the heartfelt essence of the original while adding his unique musical interpretation. The track was well-received by fans and critics, reflecting Ringo Starr’s ability to infuse his charm into classic songs.

Ringo Starr’s rendition of “Only You” showcases his talent for delivering emotional ballads and is a testament to his enduring presence in the music industry. The song remains a beloved part of his solo discography, cherished by fans of both The Beatles and his solo work.

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