Peter, Paul and Mary’s Groovy Journey in “I Dig Rock And Roll Music”

“I Dig Rock and Roll Music” is a song by the American folk group Peter, Paul and Mary. It was written by Mason Williams, Noel Stookey (who was part of Peter, Paul and Mary), and James Mason in 1967. The song is a playful and satirical commentary on the music trends of the time, particularly the rise of rock and roll.

In “I Dig Rock and Roll Music,” the group humorously references various popular rock and roll artists and songs, highlighting the influence of the genre on their music and acknowledging the changing musical landscape of the 1960s. The lyrics poke fun at the commercial aspects of the music industry while expressing the band’s genuine appreciation for rock and roll.

The song’s catchy melody, witty lyrics, and Peter, Paul and Mary’s signature harmonies made it a hit. “I Dig Rock and Roll Music” resonated with audiences, reaching the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Its humorous take on the music scene and clever references to well-known artists made it relatable and entertaining for listeners.

“I Dig Rock and Roll Music” remains a beloved and nostalgic piece of 1960s folk-rock, capturing the spirit of the era and the band’s playful approach to their craft.

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