Rolling Stones Stirring Hearts with “As Tears Go By”

“As Tears Go By” is a song by the Rolling Stones, written by Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Rolling Stones’ manager Andrew Loog Oldham. It was originally released as a single in 1964.

The song is notable for its softer, melancholic tone compared to many of the Rolling Stones’ other early hits. It features delicate orchestration, with acoustic guitars, strings, and a gentle melody. The lyrics, sung by Mick Jagger, express a sense of longing and sadness as he reflects on the passing of time and lost innocence.

Although the Rolling Stones recorded the song, “As Tears Go By” is often associated with Marianne Faithfull, who released her own version of the song around the same time. Faithfull’s rendition became more popular and is widely regarded as a classic.

The song’s introspective lyrics and emotive melody have made it enduringly popular. It has been covered by numerous artists over the years and remains a beloved ballad in the Rolling Stones’ catalog.

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