Tavares Sets the Stage Ablaze with “It Only Takes a Minute”

“It Only Takes a Minute” is a disco and soul song by the American group Tavares. It was released in 1975 as a single from their album “In the City.” The song was written by Dennis Lambert and Brian Potter.

In “It Only Takes a Minute,” the lyrics express the narrator’s regret for letting a romantic opportunity slip away. The narrator reflects on how quickly time passes and laments missing the chance to express their feelings to someone special. The song conveys a sense of urgency and the importance of seizing the moment in matters of the heart.

Musically, the song features an upbeat and catchy melody with a lively disco groove. The infectious rhythm, catchy hooks, and Tavares’ smooth vocal harmonies contributed to the song’s popularity during the disco era.

“It Only Takes a Minute” became one of Tavares’ signature hits, reaching high positions on the music charts and becoming a dance floor favorite. Its catchy chorus and energetic vibe have made it a classic in the disco and soul genres, celebrated for its infectious melody and timeless appeal.

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