Oh my goodness where has this video been.after all these years he still makes chills run up and down my spine

“After Loving You” is a track by Elvis Presley that highlights his dynamic vocal abilities and emotional expressiveness. This song is a key piece of Presley’s extensive musical repertoire, demonstrating his skill in fusing pop, country, and R&B elements. Below is a detailed examination of the song within the context of Presley’s illustrious career:


Artist: Elvis Presley, the “King of Rock and Roll,” was a pivotal American singer, musician, and actor, celebrated as a leading cultural figure of the 20th century.
Era: Presley’s career flourished from the mid-1950s until his passing in 1977. “After Loving You” was produced in a phase where Elvis was exploring a broad array of musical genres, from soulful ballads to lively rock tunes.


Genre: This song is a blend of pop, soulful balladry, and elements of rhythm and blues, typical of Presley’s work in the 1960s and 1970s.
Lyrics and Theme: The lyrics explore themes of love and loss, common in Presley’s ballads, with the song’s emotional resonance enhanced by his powerful vocal delivery.
Musical Arrangement: The composition mainly features guitars, piano, and light percussion, creating a gentle, melodic foundation that highlights Presley’s voice.
Reception and Legacy

Critical Reception: While “After Loving You” may not rank among Presley’s most famous tracks, it is valued by both fans and critics for its heartfelt delivery and emotional depth.
Influence: This song is part of Presley’s broad impact on music, exemplifying his capacity to express deep feelings and vulnerability through his singing.

In Presley’s Catalog

Albums: “After Loving You” appears on several Elvis Presley compilations, particularly those focusing on his love songs or lesser-known tracks.
Live Performances: Known for his captivating live shows, it’s uncertain how often “After Loving You” was included in Presley’s concert repertoire.


“After Loving You” is a testament to Elvis Presley’s lasting impact as a diverse and emotive singer. It showcases his unique ability to forge an emotional connection with his audience, ensuring his music’s enduring appeal. Though not as famous as some of his major hits, this song remains a valued component of his body of work for many enthusiasts.


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