Walter Murphy and the Big Apple Band Take the Stage with “A Fifth of Beethoven”

“A Fifth of Beethoven” is a disco and instrumental song performed by the American musician Walter Murphy and the Big Apple Band. The song was released in 1976 as a single from their album “A Fifth of Beethoven.” It is one of the most famous disco adaptations of a classical composition.

The song is characterized by its lively and danceable disco sound, featuring a disco beat and elements of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5. It became a disco classic and was instrumental in popularizing the fusion of classical music and disco during the late 1970s.

“A Fifth of Beethoven” was a commercial success, reaching high positions on various music charts and becoming a signature hit for Walter Murphy and the Big Apple Band. It is often associated with the disco music of the mid-1970s and the use of classical motifs in pop and dance music.

The song remains a classic in the disco genre and is frequently included in collections of disco hits. It showcases Walter Murphy’s creativity in blending classical and popular music, resulting in a memorable and danceable composition.

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