Paul Revere and The Raiders’ Iconic Rocking of “Kicks”

“Kicks” is a hit song by the American rock band Paul Revere & the Raiders, released in 1966. Written by Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil, the song is known for its memorable melody and meaningful lyrics that address the dangers of drug addiction.

In “Kicks,” the narrator reflects on a past relationship and the highs and lows they experienced. The lyrics metaphorically describe the allure of a destructive lifestyle, emphasizing that the “kicks” they got from their risky choices eventually led to negative consequences. The song’s catchy tune and introspective lyrics resonated with listeners during a time of social change and awareness.

“Kicks” became one of the signature songs for Paul Revere & the Raiders and a major hit for the band, reaching high positions on the charts. It’s celebrated for its memorable melody, thought-provoking lyrics, and the group’s energetic performance.

The song’s enduring popularity can be attributed to its timeless message and the band’s ability to craft a compelling rock song with a deeper message. “Kicks” continues to be a classic in the realm of 1960s rock music.

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