Ace Frehley Electrifies New York with “New York Groove”

“New York Groove” is a song originally written and recorded by English musician Russ Ballard in 1975. However, it gained widespread recognition when it was covered by Ace Frehley, the guitarist of the American rock band KISS, for his 1978 solo album.

Ace Frehley’s version of “New York Groove” is a high-energy rock song with a catchy melody and upbeat rhythm. Frehley’s raspy vocals and the song’s driving guitar riffs create a sense of excitement and energy. The lyrics celebrate the vibrant and lively atmosphere of New York City, capturing the city’s electrifying spirit and nightlife.

Frehley’s cover of “New York Groove” became a significant hit, reaching No. 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song’s popularity was boosted by Frehley’s association with KISS, and it became one of his most well-known solo tracks.

“New York Groove” has since become a classic rock anthem and is often associated with the energetic and rebellious vibe of the late 1970s rock scene. It continues to be a favorite among fans of KISS and classic rock music.

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