Morris Albert’s Emotive Performance of “Feelings”

“Feelings” is a soft rock and pop ballad written by Brazilian singer-songwriter Morris Albert. It was released in 1974 as the title track of his debut album. The song’s original Portuguese title is “Dime,” and it was later translated into English.

“Feelings” is a sentimental love song that expresses the narrator’s emotions and deep feelings for someone they love. The lyrics convey a sense of heartbreak and melancholy, describing the pain of unrequited love and the struggle to cope with overwhelming emotions.

Musically, the song features a gentle and melodic arrangement, with Albert’s soft vocals accompanied by strings and piano. The song’s tender melody and emotional lyrics create a somber and reflective atmosphere, capturing the sentiment of heartache and longing.

“Feelings” became one of Morris Albert’s most famous songs. It achieved commercial success, reaching high positions on music charts internationally. Despite its popularity, the song has also been a subject of criticism for its perceived sentimental and melodramatic nature. Nevertheless, it remains a well-known ballad, and its melody and lyrics continue to resonate with audiences.

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