During the Dusk of Their Legacy, The Bee Gees Perform “How Deep Is Your Love” in A Cappella

The Bee Gees graced Des O’Connor’s Tonight Show in 1998 to showcase their One Night Only album. Their 20-minute segment was illuminated by an unforgettable rendition of “How Deep is Your Love?” Initially, Barry appears ready to play his guitar in the full show video, but then he opts for an a cappella performance instead.

Barry leads with the opening verse, showcasing his precise timing and pitch. The enchantment intensifies as Maurice and Robin blend their deeper tones with Barry’s signature falsetto. The video below captures the trio’s familial harmony and seasoned vocal synergy, delivering an exceptionally captivating version of this beloved ballad.

A notable moment in the video is Des O’Connor’s impromptu joining of the song, which could seem audacious without context. However, O’Connor, a seasoned singer who often performed with his guests, had previously covered “How Deep is Your Love?” on his 1989 album Lovin’ Feeling. He respectfully cues the Gibb brothers to start the song he had covered, promising to chime in softly as it progresses.

This congenial interaction contrasts sharply with the Bee Gees’ tense visit to Clive Anderson All Talk in 1997, where Anderson’s jibes provoked the group, leading to an abrupt walk-off, as seen in the following clip.

The Bee Gees were promoting their One Night Only album, recorded in Las Vegas on November 14, 1997. Initially meant as their final live performance due to Barry’s chronic arthritis, the overwhelming crowd response inspired them to embark on a world tour, spacing shows fortnightly to accommodate Barry’s health. The tour, celebrating the brothers’ journey from the Isle of Man to Australia in their youth, culminated in Sydney before 72,000 fans on March 27, 1999.

The Bee Gees’ last full concert took place on New Year’s Eve, 1999, in Sunrise, Florida. Their final public performance as a trio was at the Love and Hope Ball in Miami on February 23, 2002. Tragically, Maurice passed away from a heart attack on January 12, 2003, at the age of 53.

Their appearance on Tonight with Des O’Connor, marked by ease and camaraderie, belied the nearing conclusion of the Bee Gees’ storied career.

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