Spiral Starecase’s Musical Legacy in “More Today Than Yesterday”

“More Today Than Yesterday” is a popular song by the American rock band Spiral Starecase, released in 1969. The song was written by the band’s leader, Pat Upton. It’s known for its catchy melody, memorable horn arrangements, and Upton’s soulful vocal performance.

The lyrics of “More Today Than Yesterday” express a deep and abiding love. The singer declares that their love has grown stronger over time, emphasizing that their affection for their partner has increased “more today than yesterday.” The song’s upbeat and joyful melody, combined with its heartfelt lyrics, have made it a beloved tune.

“More Today Than Yesterday” achieved commercial success upon its release, reaching the top of the charts and becoming one of Spiral Starecase’s most recognizable hits. The song’s infectious quality and the band’s tight musical arrangement contributed to its enduring popularity.

Decades after its release, “More Today Than Yesterday” continues to be a classic of the late 1960s pop-rock era, capturing the optimism and romance of the time. It remains a staple on oldies and classic rock radio stations and is celebrated for its timeless charm.

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