Debbii, a fresh talent, stepped up for an audition that amazed Abba followers.

Introducing Debbii Dawson, a gifted singer, songwriter, and musician who gained fame on America’s Got Talent Season 17. Her rendition of ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” captivated the judges, earning her unanimous approval to advance.

Sophie Vergara praised Debbii’s voice, expressing her enjoyment in listening to it. Despite her talent, Debbii was eliminated before the semi-finals but remained a favorite among global music fans.

Her AGT audition video on YouTube quickly amassed over two million views, showcasing her composure and skill in front of the judges and live audience.

Debbii, born March 10, 1996, in Hutchinson, Minnesota, comes from a musical lineage. Her father, David, an Indian-born musician, learned music on a charcoal-drawn keyboard, a technique passed down from Debbii’s grandfather and then to her.

David’s move to America for music studies led him to meet Debbii’s mother, Sharon, through a shared love of piano. Debbii’s siblings, Jonathan and Sitarah, also pursued creative paths, with Sitarah sharing musical performances with Debbii, including a notable second place at a Minnesota State Fair talent show.

Despite her AGT exit, Debbii continues to share her music on YouTube, growing her subscriber base with her unique acoustic covers. Her innovative take on “Dancing Queen” highlighted her ability to reinvent classic tracks, bringing a fresh indie style to the beloved ABBA song. For those yet to experience her version, it’s a must-see.

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