Jim Reeves’ Iconic Rendition of “He’ll Have To Go”

“He’ll Have to Go” is a classic country and pop song originally recorded by Jim Reeves in 1959. The song was written by Joe and Audrey Allison and was inspired by a real-life conversation between the Allisons.

The lyrics of “He’ll Have to Go” depict a man advising his romantic partner to pretend that she’s talking to him when she’s on the phone with her current lover. He suggests using a soft and intimate tone, telling her to say sweet things to make the other man think she’s still in love with him.

Jim Reeves’ smooth and deep voice, combined with the song’s heartfelt lyrics and lush orchestration, created a timeless ballad. Upon its release, the song became a massive hit, reaching the top of the country and pop charts. It remains one of Jim Reeves’ most iconic songs and a classic of the Nashville Sound era.

“He’ll Have to Go” has been covered by numerous artists over the years, and its emotional resonance and storytelling have made it a standard in both country and pop music, continuing to be appreciated by audiences around the world.

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