Nelson Riddle’s Scenic Journey with the “Route 66 Theme”

The “Route 66 Theme” is an instrumental composition written by Bobby Troup and recorded by Nelson Riddle. It served as the theme song for the popular American television series “Route 66,” which aired from 1960 to 1964. The show followed the adventures of two young men as they traveled across the United States along Route 66, exploring different towns and getting involved in various situations.

Nelson Riddle, a renowned composer, conductor, and arranger, was responsible for the arrangement and recording of the theme song. The “Route 66 Theme” captures the spirit of adventure and freedom associated with the iconic highway.

It features a catchy and upbeat melody, reflecting the excitement of the open road and the journey ahead.

Riddle’s arrangement of the theme song became iconic and contributed to the show’s popularity. The upbeat and lively tune, coupled with the show’s concept, made it a perfect fit and added to the series’ overall appeal. The “Route 66 Theme” continues to be celebrated as a classic television theme song, evoking the sense of exploration and adventure associated with the legendary highway.

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