KC and The Sunshine Band’s Electrifying Show with “That’s the Way (I Like It)”

“That’s the Way (I Like It)” is a disco and funk song by the American disco group KC and The Sunshine Band. The song was released in 1975 as a single and is one of the band’s most iconic and danceable hits.

The song is characterized by its infectious disco groove, featuring upbeat rhythms, horn sections, and energetic vocals. The lyrics convey a message of pleasure and a straightforward declaration of personal preferences, with the singer emphasizing that the way things are is just the way they like it.

“That’s the Way (I Like It)” was a commercial success, reaching high positions on various music charts, including the Billboard Hot 100 and the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. It is often associated with the disco and funk music of the 1970s.

The song remains a classic in the disco and funk genres and is frequently included in collections of dance anthems and disco hits. “That’s the Way (I Like It)” embodies the spirit of the disco era and is known for getting people on the dance floor with its infectious groove and catchy chorus.

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