Foreigner’s Sizzling Rendition of “Hot Blooded”

“Hot Blooded” is a hard rock song by the British-American rock band Foreigner. It was released in 1978 on their album “Double Vision.” The song was written by Lou Gramm and Mick Jones, the band’s lead vocalist and guitarist, respectively.

“Hot Blooded” is known for its energetic and anthemic sound. The lyrics describe the intense attraction and desire between two people. The narrator boasts about their passionate nature and “hot blooded” personality, expressing a strong physical and emotional connection with their partner.

Musically, “Hot Blooded” features a powerful guitar riff, a driving rhythm section, and Gramm’s distinctive vocals. The song’s catchy chorus and memorable guitar solo contributed to its commercial success.

“Hot Blooded” became one of Foreigner’s most popular songs and a staple of classic rock radio. Its infectious energy, memorable lyrics, and hard-hitting guitar riffs have made it a classic in the rock genre, celebrated for its raw intensity and lively performance.

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