Stevie Wonder’s Swinging “Superstition”

“Superstition” is a funk and soul classic by American singer-songwriter Stevie Wonder. It was released in 1972 on his fifteenth studio album “Talking Book.” The song was written and produced by Stevie Wonder, and it features his distinct vocals, as well as his skilled harmonica playing.

“Superstition” is known for its funky and infectious groove, featuring prominent clavinet and horn sections. The lyrics caution against believing in superstitions and emphasize the importance of rational thinking. The song’s catchy melody, energetic rhythm, and Stevie Wonder’s soulful delivery have made it one of his most iconic tracks.

Musically, “Superstition” showcases Stevie Wonder’s innovative use of synthesizers and other electronic instruments, creating a groundbreaking sound that has influenced generations of musicians.

“Superstition” became a major hit for Stevie Wonder, reaching the top of the charts and receiving critical acclaim. Its funky vibe and memorable riff have made it a classic in the funk and soul genres, celebrated for its musicality and timeless appeal.

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