Foreigner’s Icy Rendition of “Cold As Ice”

“Cold as Ice” is a rock song by the British-American band Foreigner. It was released in 1977 as the lead single from their self-titled debut album “Foreigner.” The song was written by Lou Gramm and Mick Jones, the band’s lead vocalist and guitarist respectively.

“Cold as Ice” features a distinctive guitar riff, powerful vocals, and a catchy chorus. The lyrics of the song depict a relationship in which one person is emotionally distant and unresponsive, being “cold as ice” in their feelings. Despite the narrator’s attempts to warm up the relationship, the other person remains indifferent.

Musically, the song has a driving rhythm and a memorable melody. Lou Gramm’s passionate vocals and the band’s tight instrumentation create a sense of urgency and intensity.

“Cold as Ice” became one of Foreigner’s most popular songs, reaching high positions on music charts. Its energetic sound, catchy lyrics, and memorable guitar riff have made it a classic in the rock genre, celebrated for its anthemic quality and enduring appeal.

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