Shirley Ellis Charms in “The Name Game”

“The Name Game” is a novelty song performed by American singer Shirley Ellis. It was written by Shirley Ellis and Lincoln Chase and was released in 1964 as a single. The song is known for its playful and catchy nature and is often associated with children’s games.

“The Name Game” features a simple and repetitive melody, with the lyrics centered around the concept of creating rhymes and variations based on a person’s name. In the song, Shirley Ellis sings the name “Shirley” and then adds various playful rhyming words to it, such as “Shirley, Shirley, bo-birley, banana-fana fo-firley.” This pattern is repeated with different names throughout the song.

The song’s repetitive and rhyming structure makes it easy to sing along to and has made it a popular choice for parties and gatherings. “The Name Game” became a hit in 1964 and remains a well-remembered novelty song from that era.

Shirley Ellis’s lively and enthusiastic performance added to the song’s appeal, and it has been featured in various films, TV shows, and commercials over the years. While it may not be a traditional pop hit, “The Name Game” has left a lasting cultural impression and is still enjoyed for its whimsical and fun lyrics.

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