Gary Lewis and The Playboys’ Unforgettable Performance of “Count Me In”

“Count Me In” is a song by Gary Lewis & the Playboys, released in 1965. The song was written by Glen Hardin and Gary Lewis (Gary’s real name is Gary Harold Lee Levitch) and features a catchy melody and the band’s trademark upbeat sound.

“Count Me In” became one of Gary Lewis & the Playboys’ most popular hits, reaching the number two spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song’s infectious melody, combined with Lewis’ youthful vocals and the band’s energetic performance, made it a favorite among fans of 1960s pop music.

The lyrics of “Count Me In” express devotion and commitment to a romantic partner, capturing the feelings of love and loyalty. The song’s positive and optimistic tone resonated with audiences, contributing to its commercial success.

Over the years, “Count Me In” has remained a classic of the era, representing the sound of mid-1960s pop and showcasing Gary Lewis & the Playboys’ appeal as a band.

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