Evelyn “Champagne” King’s Electrifying Performance in “Shame”

“Shame” is a disco and soul-funk song by American singer Evelyn “Champagne” King. It was released in 1977 as the lead single from her debut album, “Smooth Talk.” The song was written by John Fitch, Jr., Reuben Cross, and Ronald Kersey.

In “Shame,” the lyrics address a woman’s frustration and disappointment with her partner’s unfaithfulness. The narrator confronts her partner about his actions, expressing her hurt and disillusionment. Despite the pain, she asserts her dignity and declares that she won’t tolerate the deception, revealing a sense of empowerment and self-respect.

Musically, “Shame” features a groovy and infectious disco beat with a funky bassline and catchy horns. Evelyn “Champagne” King’s soulful vocals and confident delivery add depth and emotion to the song, making it a standout disco anthem of its time.

“Shame” became one of Evelyn “Champagne” King’s most popular and enduring hits. Its catchy melody, danceable rhythm, and powerful vocals contributed to its success on the charts, making it a classic in the disco and soul genres. Over the years, the song has continued to be celebrated for its energy and timeless appeal, and it remains a favorite on dance floors and in retro playlists.

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