Barry Manilow’s Heartfelt Rendition of “Can’t Smile Without You”

“Can’t Smile Without You” is a popular love song performed by American singer-songwriter Barry Manilow. It was written by David Martin, Christian Arnold, and Geoff Morrow and was originally recorded by British singer David Martin in 1976. Barry Manilow’s version, released in 1978, is the most well-known and successful rendition of the song.

The lyrics of “Can’t Smile Without You” express a deep and heartfelt sentiment of love and dependence on the person who brings happiness and joy to the singer’s life. The central theme revolves around how the protagonist can’t find happiness or even smile without the presence and love of their significant other.

Barry Manilow’s rendition of the song is particularly beloved for his emotive and smooth vocal delivery. The song’s melody is simple yet catchy, and it is often considered a classic love ballad. It reached the top of the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart and became one of Manilow’s signature songs.

“Can’t Smile Without You” has continued to be a popular and enduring love song, covered by various artists and featured in films and television shows over the years. Barry Manilow’s heartfelt interpretation and the timeless quality of the song have cemented it as one of his most iconic hits.

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