Duane Eddy Paints Emotion with “Because They’re Young”

“Because They’re Young” is an instrumental song by American guitarist Duane Eddy, released in 1960. The track was composed by Aaron Schroeder, Don Costa, and Wally Gold and became one of Duane Eddy’s most successful and recognizable tunes.

Featuring Eddy’s distinctive twangy guitar sound, “Because They’re Young” is characterized by its catchy melody and a driving rhythm section. The song was the title track for a movie of the same name, and its success helped establish Duane Eddy as a prominent figure in the instrumental rock genre.

“Because They’re Young” reached high positions on the charts in both the United States and the United Kingdom, and it remains a classic example of early 1960s instrumental rock music. Duane Eddy’s pioneering use of guitar effects and his memorable melodies have made him a revered figure in the history of rock and roll guitar playing.

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