Dean Martin Sets Hearts Afire with “Houston”

“Houston” is a country pop song performed by Dean Martin. It was released in 1965 and written by Lee Hazlewood, who was also the producer of the track.

The song’s lyrics tell the story of a man who is longing to return to Houston, Texas, where his romantic interest resides. The narrator describes his yearning for the city and expresses a desire to reunite with his loved one. The catchy melody and Martin’s smooth vocals contributed to the song’s appeal.

“Houston” became a significant hit for Dean Martin, reaching the top of the Billboard Easy Listening chart and the top 40 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Its success was driven by Martin’s charismatic performance and the song’s relatable theme of love and longing.

The song remains a notable entry in Dean Martin’s discography, showcasing his versatility as an artist by successfully venturing into the country pop genre. “Houston” continues to be appreciated for its timeless charm and Martin’s enduring appeal as a vocalist.

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