Leif Garrett’s Dance Extravaganza “I Was Made For Dancin'”

“I Was Made for Dancin'” is a disco-pop song by American singer and actor Leif Garrett. It was released in 1978 as the lead single from his album “Same Goes for You.” The song was written by Michael Lloyd and Joey Carbone.

“I Was Made for Dancin'” features a catchy and upbeat melody, typical of disco music from the late 1970s. The lyrics convey the excitement and joy of dancing, capturing the carefree spirit of disco culture.

The song’s infectious rhythm, coupled with Garrett’s youthful vocals, contributed to its popularity during the disco era.

The song became a significant hit for Leif Garrett, reaching high positions on the music charts and becoming one of his most well-known songs. Its catchy tune and disco groove made it a favorite among fans of the genre, and it continues to be remembered as a classic disco anthem, capturing the essence of the disco era’s dance-oriented music.

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