Linda Scott’s Enchanting Hit “I’ve Told Every Little Star”

“I’ve Told Every Little Star” is a classic pop song performed by American singer Linda Scott. Released in 1961, the song was written by Oscar Hammerstein II and Jerome Kern for the 1932 musical film “Music in the Air.” Linda Scott’s version, however, became the most notable rendition of the song.

With its dreamy melody and Scott’s sweet, melodious voice, “I’ve Told Every Little Star” quickly became a hit. The song’s lyrics express the deep, romantic feelings of the narrator as she confides in the stars about her love.

Scott’s tender and heartfelt delivery added emotional depth to the song, making it a favorite among fans of early 1960s pop music.

The song’s popularity earned Linda Scott a place in music history, and “I’ve Told Every Little Star” remains one of her most enduring hits. Its timeless appeal has led to its inclusion in various compilations and retrospectives, reminding listeners of the charm and innocence of the early 1960s pop era.

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