Kai Winding’s Captivating Rendition “More”

“More” is a song that was originally composed by Riz Ortolani and Nino Oliviero for the soundtrack of the 1962 Italian-French film “Mondo Cane.” The instrumental version of “More” is best known for its inclusion in the soundtrack of the film, and it has been recorded by various artists over the years.

Kai Winding, the Danish-born jazz trombonist, recorded a popular instrumental version of “More.” His rendition features a smooth and melodic trombone performance backed by lush orchestration. Winding’s version of “More” captured the essence of the song’s romantic and cinematic quality.

While “More” has been performed instrumentally by numerous artists, it is also well-known for its lyrics, which were added later by Marcello Ciorciolini and Norman Newell. These lyrics have been sung by vocalists like Frank Sinatra and Andy Williams, among others.

“More” remains a beloved tune that has stood the test of time, and it is often associated with romantic and nostalgic feelings, making it a classic in the world of instrumental and vocal pop music.

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