Young People Jump Into A River With Crocodiles To Rescue A Puppy That Nobody Wanted To Save

A couple of young people have given the greatest lesson in courage and humanity, in the midst of a world in which it seems that no one is willing to intervene when the most vulnerable need a helping hand.

The events took place on the banks of the Viejo river, in Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico.

The little cub had been left at the expense of the strong current, causing a great commotion among all the residents of the town. So they immediately notified the authorities of the event so that they would come to the aid of the poor dog who was fighting for his life.

However, it turned out that the puppy had been left in too dangerous a location, so the authorities made the unusual decision to simply “do nothing for the dog.”

Authorities said the most prudent thing to do would be to let the dog out on its own, and thus not risk the life of any human. Something that undoubtedly caused a wave of outrage. But government entities defended their controversial position causing the rejection of thousands of people:

“We are here to help people who are in trouble, as long as the action carried out is more likely to be successful.”

Then, two outraged young people said that their conscience would not let them sleep soundly if they did not do something more for the poor dog. So they did not mind risking everything, and took on the challenge of rescuing the furry, in an unprecedented operation, from which they probably would not even return alive.

And it was not only about the risky location where the cub was, in fact when they undertook the mission they did not know that the real danger would come later when they saw a huge crocodile up close.

The young people rushed to approach the puppy with extreme care

The images show one of the heroes stealthily descending, clinging to the branches, until at last he finds the dog. Meanwhile, the other young man, totally shocked, from the top, watched the crocodile that was very close in the waters of the river.


After gaining their trust, the young man manages to take one of the animal’s legs, and immediately throws it in order to save it. There was no time to lose since any bad movement could upset the crocodile; and everyone, including the puppy, could end up being their snack.

But when they finally have the puppy in their arms, for an unknown reason the crocodile decides to flee the place. Apparently, the only unexpected presence of the improvised rescuers, changed the behavior of the reptile completely. They all came back alive; and the boys, proud of their work of the day.

Once they knew each other out of all danger, and with the puppy on dry land, they even had to pamper the puppy, since the little one was too scared, and was crying out to be comforted.

The shocking scenes were collected in a video that has already gone around the world:

Netizens have been able to breathe a sigh of relief upon learning of the encouraging ending. And it is definitely not for less. The possibility that the boys had of losing their lives was very high; However, that didn’t stop them risking everything to save a defenseless life.

The rescue was really impressive and, beyond that, emotional. And luckily, it was recorded for posterity and to recognize the invaluable work of these young people, who should serve as an example to all of humanity.

As for the authorities, while we can understand their fear of having to make the decision to rescue the furry little boy, it is truly disconcerting that they sit idly by when such a defenseless life is at stake.

May this news serve to raise awareness and make us reflect that ALL LIVES COUNT!

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