Woman Places Dozens Of Makeshift Beds On The Street And Kittens Show Their Gratitute With Snuggling

A woman decided to place makeshift beds on the cold street, and in the second dozens of kittens thanked her for her gesture, running to snuggle up warm.

When terrible storms hit, it is the innocent homeless who live a life of hardship on the streets who are most affected.

Both homeless and stray animals are looking for a safe place to hide at that moment, but it is not always easy to find and the matter only reminds them of how hostile life can be.

Poverty does not make distinctions and a woman decided to change the world of kittens with little beds

To ease this suffering a bit, a group of generous hearts came together in a simple campaign that is changing the lives of many kittens.

These are inexpensive and easily manufactured houses that provide shelter and protection for felines in street conditions. The idea came from a woman in the suburb of Yenifoça, Izmir province (Turkey).

“Now we are warm.”

Her name is Yeşim Yücel, who through a post on Facebook detailed the idea that she has been executing with some people from her community.

“I cut the mouths of bottles of water and glued them on a thick board with silicone so that the kittens are not cold. I laid out blankets, mattresses and built a cat house in our garden. I’ve seen that idea on Facebook. The weather is cold. Maybe you want to do it too, ”Yeşim Yücel wrote.

The publication has already been shared thousands of times and is going around the world

The post was accompanied by some photographs illustrating how simple but comfortable these shelters can be for a homeless kitten.

In the case of this woman, the bottles she used are small, which limits the function to sheltering kittens, but anyone who wants to make them larger could also provide shelter for the puppies.

For now, Yeşim Yücel’s intention worked, as her initiative was well received and some friends and strangers signed up to launch this pseudo campaign in favor of the unprotected kittens.

Various kittens have begun to benefit from this beautiful initiative.

It is known that some neighbors close to the woman ventured to create some shelters but perhaps it is a great idea that those who dare, also share the results.

The woman was really moved to see how when they began to deposit the makeshift beds in the streets, the kittens ran happily to snuggle up. It was as if they knew perfectly well that it was for them and they even purred with joy knowing that tonight they would no longer have to endure the cold ground of the street.

Reading those experiences or seeing pictures of more kitty houses could cheer up any hesitant.

The idea makes it clear that any of us can do something to save a life. It is not about filling ourselves with excuses, such as the lack of resources, to do something great for the most vulnerable. We already see that when you really love something very simple, with love, extraordinary things happen.

There are millions of homeless animals living on the streets around the world but they will never exceed the number of humans that live there, so a pinch of commitment and determination could put a positive spin on the problem of homeless animals.

This is a truly simple idea that can transform more than one life, the initiative of this Turkish woman should infect the world with the need to be in solidarity and put ourselves in the place of the most innocent. An inn is not denied to anyone!

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