Woman Films Two Huge Wolves Racing Her Car at 30 MPH

Initially, only two dark shadows appeared at the end of the road. The woman’s first thought was that there were a few people around, but she didn’t expect anything. When she drove to the area, she quickly picked up her phone and filmed something that she could not believe with the naked eye-two big black wolves, like a scene taken directly from “Game of Thrones” along the river Runaway. Wild animals do appear on Canadian roads, but seeing wolves is still rare.

“My body immediately became afraid,” Miller said. “I was so struck by the size of their heads and their jaws.” The woman decided to follow the animals for a couple of minutes and film them as they ran alongside her vehicle. She wanted to record it as she thought no one would believe what she saw. “So many men have asked, how fast were they going? Had I been a man I may have looked. I don’t know. I think between 40 and 50 [km/h]… it was fast.” No wonder her video went viral. “Everybody was just amazed. I think just the power of them and the beauty of them, seeing them running like that, flat out, is pretty inspiring.”

No matter what, they are among the most beautiful creatures in the wild. I have always loved wolves. And yes I know they are dangerous, but for some reason I would have had a strong desire to pet them. Go figure. You never know…Maybe just like the family dog they may actually enjoy a good petting/rub down.

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