With Water, Food And His Vaccination record, A Sad Little Dog Was Just Looking For A Family That Loves Him

There are many cases of companion animals whose human responsible, for unknown and obscure reasons, make the disastrous decision to hand them over to the indignity of the streets. Without a coat, yes with water, vaccination card and food, they deprived a furry of the affection that he could once have had.

However, despite the fact that our story is just one more that illustrates this situation, this time, our protagonist was found in a somewhat unusual way, in the middle of a gas station located in Paraguay, with all his belongings next to him.

Despite the fact that he had his respective identification and his vaccination card, in addition to food, his former person in charge, or any other person who claimed him as his, was not seen around the place where the events occurred.

Finally, a woman and Good Samaritan identified as Rosy De Cabrera, noticed the situation and approached the furry boy. He assured that the helpless and terrified puppy was left tied to some tanks, next to his towel, his talcum powder, some dog food and his veterinary control card.

“From his vaccination card to his food, that’s how this puppy’s former caretakers decided to abandon him in the middle of a gas station,” Rosy said.

It seems that, despite the rejection of his family, they had the delicacy, at least, to leave him moderately stocked for when he was found, which is not, in any case, a mitigating factor in this horrible example of unfair treatment of animals.

Immediately, Rosy took several photographs of the animal, which she dedicated herself to spreading through her accounts on social networks. She did not lose hope that someone would take pity on the puppy, determined to find him a good home

The story managed to move hundreds of thousands of hearts by two by three, who soon replicated the story of this poor long-eared man, confused as he was, not knowing what to do and without having a place to go.

Thanks to the publication, the canine got his most wanted wish: a new loving mother who takes care of him and protects him as every living being deserves, and who received him with all his things.

“It was a lady, among many others who offered to adopt him, who was fortunate to have this sweet little dog as a companion,” Rosy wrote in an update.

He also shared a beautiful photo of this cute animal with his new dog brother and his new mother, a loving autumn lady, who looks extremely happy with her new best friend forever. And he, with her.

It could be that those who rejected it tried to show a modicum of consideration when they left this animal with their things, but it was not the best way. You have to ask for help, consider many other options before making such an extreme and harmful decision for those who also suffer.

Share with your family, friends and loved ones this story that should not be repeated. Definitely, no one deserves to go through something like that, under any circumstances. Much less, our beautiful and adorable companions from the Animal Kingdom.

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