Persistent Dog Followed Marine Over 70 Miles In The Wilderness, Proving He’d Be The Perfect Pet

Opposing challenges together can bring people closer. This is the truth for the military members who are deployed in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan. However, this is also the truth for the animals.

That is the case with U.S. Marine Corp. pilot Major Brian Dennis when he met Nubs, a dog raised by the Iraqi troops to alert them if there is dan.ger nearby.

As a part of his training, the Iraqi soldiers had c.ut Nubs’ off. When Dennis came across Nubs, he had multiple injuries.

Dennis said: One of the Iraqis told me that one of the soldiers had gotten and s.ta.b.bed him with a big screwdriver. He looked ter.ri.b.le. We didn’t think he was going to make it. He was all in.fec.ted. It was b.a.d.

after a short thought, Dennis brought Nubs back to the U.S. base with him to get him treated. within a short time, the nub stole the hearts of the other troops in the fort. Dennis fell in love with Nubs when he met him the first time, recounting their first encounter in an interview.

As Dennis continued his tour in Iraq, he and Nubs created a special connection. Dennis even found himself stopping in at the fort to check on his new pal so often. Eventually, though, as is the case in the lives of many soldiers, Dennis had to transfer to a different location.

Soon, Nubs was no longer in sight and Dennis thought that he had returned to the fort. A few days later, a fellow marine called Dennis’ attention to something outside. As he looked, he saw Nubs.

Dennis and his fellow soldiers decided to keep Nubs there, even building a doghouse for him. The problem with that was that dogs usually aren’t allowed in sensitive areas, and soon the MPs showed up telling them that they couldn’t keep Nubs.

After giving it some thought, Dennis decided to send Nubs to the U.S. where he would live with the soldier at his home. Through planning carefully, Dennis was able to get Nubs to safety in San Diego, California, where Dennis had some friends who could watch over the dog until he finished his tour.

That is awesome that you’ll have a friend.

The story of Nubs inspired so many people that a book was written about his journey and a movie was developed. Dennis and Nubs have also been on many talk shows spreading the story of reuniting, the Marine and the dog.

You Both are Earth Angels!!! A smart courageous baby! So happy for you both! And Thank you for your service!!????

Check out the video below for more on this inspiring story of the friendship…

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