Wild Animals Become Obedient and Submissive to Pose Quietly For Humans

Anteaters and toucans. Monkeys climbed on some human heads and turtles desperately fighting to get away from the obsessive hands that seize them, that besiege them to capture them whimsically with their camera. Make no mistake, behind every selfie with animals, there is a lot of suffering.

Today, many people take advantage of the many options that exist in the tourism market and submit to numerous species for their own profit. All this in order to make them submissive, so that tourists can take photos to remember for posterity. Like those controversial photos of the Kardashians riding elephants.polémicas fotos de las Kardashian montando elefantes.

Obviously, these types of people do not show their contempt for the weakest and most vulnerable beings in front of their clients. They offer offers such as posing for photos with tigers, elephants, bears, and other diversity of species and countless specimens. The worst thing is that they have been in this unworthy business for years.

The saddest thing is that, for some, this offer is too tempting. Most of the people who lend themselves to it are not aware of the damage, nor do they manage to perceive the aggression that animals are subjected to, to their distraction and delight. The cycle of evil never ends.

“The problem is that tourists fail to perceive the abuse, since no one will harm the animals in front of people, so it is a totally unknown business and it seems never ending,” said a spokesman for the environmental organization World Animal Protection.

This problem has been accentuated even more since the appearance of social networks, where everyone is eager to share the “adventures” of their lives, with images of their travels and their unfortunate encounters with these long-suffering creatures, completely ignorant of the reality behind it.

Many people use the common sense of hat, or simply do not have it. And, let’s see, if a wild animal does not care that you pose so close to it, that you touch it or that you get on its back, just like that, something must be wrong. None would bear it.

“More than 40 percent of the photos with these animals show some kind of cruel interaction, among which physical contact stands out, that is, giving a hug or carrying the animal in your arms, since the stress to which they are forced with a photograph it’s too high, ”according to the World Animal Protection.

The most painful thing is the method that these ignoble people use to subdue and humiliate them. It is known from numerous complaints made that they are beaten mercilessly to make them obey and pose with that docile appearance, which is nothing more than the mask of inhumanity.

Share this story with your loved ones and friends, hoping that this cruel, dark and senseless business does not continue to proliferate and cause more victims to regret. Collaborate, do not photograph yourself with wild animals.

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