Whale Appears Behind Tourists As They Look The Wrong Way

A group of whale watchers at Laguna San Ignacio, on Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula, almost missed an astonishing moment when a whale appeared in the back of their boat, while the distracted crew members looked in the opposite direction, expecting to observe. a fabulous moment.

The distracted group was photographed while they waited with their cameras at the ready and looked at the horizon; They almost missed the wonderful encounter when they looked the wrong way as the whale emerged from the water a short distance from their boat.

Luckily, the tourists managed to turn around just in time to see the majestic humpback whale as it emerged from the water, before disappearing deep into the ocean. Everyone on the boat was excited by the wonderful scene.


Ballena aparece detrás de los turistas
Facebook/ E Smith Images

In images taken from another boat, the whale can be seen slowly peeking out from under the water as the group keeps their gaze on the horizon, all with their hands ready on their cameras gazing at the ocean in front of them hoping to capture a magical moment.

Mujer muy feliz al ver una ballena
Facebook/ E Smith Images

Fortunately, whale watchers managed to see her in the last few moments before completely submerging, and in another photograph her happiness at the close encounter with the cetacean can be seen.

A woman can even be seen standing on the boat raising her arms in the air in celebration, while the other crew members are open-mouthed in surprise.

Turistas observan ballenas
Facebook/ E Smith Images

The scene of the distracted whale watchers was captured by director and photographer Eric J Smith, who managed to see everything from the neighboring boat.

Fascinante ballena
Facebook/ E Smith Images

One woman, part of the lucky expedition told The Daily Mail:

Slowly and silently she poked her head above the water to look around. I was in another dinghy about four meters away and I caught the moment just before everyone realized I was so close. When everyone turned around, she quickly sank below the surface. Cheers and hysterical laughter followed.

Ballena aparece detrás de los turistas
Facebook/ E Smith Images

Finally, the woman also added:

“Whale photography brings a lot of luck, but the key is to always be alert and prepared. On a whale watching trip, it’s easy to get complacent because there’s a lot of waiting. It seems that the moment you let your guard down there is a spectacular breach.

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