“Wake up, love” – ​​A Faithful Cockatoo Says Goodbye To her Companion, Refusing To Accept His Departure

For a cockatoo, one of the most faithful and loving creatures, believe it or not; Watching your loved one leave is one of the most painful experiences you can go through. And a video that is going around the world shows us how much an animal can feel when the love of its life is no longer by its side.

Sometimes people forget that animals have feelings very similar to those of any human, and hence they justify certain mistreatment with the excuse that they are “simple animals”. For those of you who have these kinds of thoughts, you might do well to read the following story.

It is about a couple of pink-breasted cockatoos that starred in a moving scene in the middle of the pavement, where one of the birds rested.

The faithful cockatoo said goodbye to her companion, refusing again and again to accept his departure


Through a video, the pain of the loss of this bow tie was made known, whose partner died in the middle of the road. A dead bird may not be something extraordinary, but the whole ritual that the Australian cockatoo did later to try to revive it has caused a stir.

It seems that the little animal was reluctant to accept death and at the point of pecking it tried with all its might as if it could bring it back to life. Since there was obviously no way to do it, the bird opts for something sweeter and more moving when starting to sing to it.

The cockatoo refused to have to surrender to the death of her loved one

The event occurred on one of the thousands of Australian roads but recently hit social media, thanks to Twitter user Susanta Nanda IFS. Just one minute of recording was enough to make it clear to all of us that animals are much more than mere instinct.

“Come back to me, love, please.”

Although they do not speak our same language, that powerful scene moved more than 600,000 people because of the sad confusion of the cockatoo.

The poor woman did not accept that her life partner had died and surrounds him like a woman trying to revive the man she loves.

The bird zooms in and out again and again, with no response.

Perhaps another type of animal would have left instantly when its companion does not react, but pink-breasted cockatoos are monogamous. These beautiful birds only fall in love once in their life and with that couple they establish their family.

Whether by nature or really an affective bias, these cockatoos have a quite different conception of love, even a more loyal love than that of some human beings.


Although the person who recorded the video does not explain the conditions under which the bird died, lying on the road gives rise to some assumptions. Most likely, the cockatoo has crashed into a moving car, the driver of which did not stop to help the affected bird; not even whoever recorded the video could do it because it was too late.

Loyalty and love are ingrained feelings in many species and examples like this make it clear to us. The world must recognize that they are more than just animals. Hopefully humans learn to empathize with the pain of these creatures, and be more sensitive, like them.

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