Volkswagen Presents Newly Hired Little Security “guards”

The new employees of the automotive agency Volkswagen City Chetumal, in Mexico, went viral when their work IDs were made known, causing laughter and tenderness on social networks …

The automotive agency announced on Facebook the addition to its staff of Virtus and Polo, two beautiful stray dogs whom it decided to adopt and also provide them with a job as part of the security staff.

The images of their credentials show a photo of each of the adorable puppies, both black and one of them with peculiar spots on its eyebrows, as well as the signature of those of the two new employees: an imprint of the footprint of their respective legs.

The peculiar badges that have a plastic cover to prevent them from being abused in their daily activities, also indicate the job position of these canines and even to which department they respond!

In this way, they are formally part of the team of the company Autosur S.A. de C.V.

As the car dealership explained, the adorable puppies belong to a litter of nine puppies who were sadly abandoned and spent their days foraging for food in the dangerous streets until the CAC Volunteer Foundation rescued them.
Once they were safe and sound in the Foundation’s facilities, they began to look for a new home and that is how they ended up being adopted by the car agency

The unusual news quickly went viral, reaching thousands of reactions and sparking controversy over the working conditions of children.

“You see it very cute and all, but did you know that that company doesn’t pay those dogs? They don’t have social security or anything. It is labor exploitation of dogs ”, commented a Facebook user.

However, the car dealership is committed to the well-being of its new collaborators and ensures that they work under excellent conditions.

“Our new collaborators every day have croquettes, water, and work in air conditioning,” said the company.

In addition, they uploaded a photo of the two dogs in the back of a truck, in the middle of an event that took place a while ago.

“The surveillance department came to support our colleagues, ignore the face of Polo, my brother is not very partying,” they wrote in the publication.

Virtus and Polo

The company later reported that the puppies are now “bigger and stronger than ever.”

It is admired by all how the company has put so much of itself so that the puppies are well cared for and receive all the love they deserve from both the other employees and the general public, making them all celebrities, and rewarding their efforts with large amounts of croquettes.

Without a doubt, the attitude of this company is admirable and should serve as an example to remind us that such a simple action can make this world a better place.

Fighting for the rights of animals and helping them have a decent life is as easy as opening our hearts and adopting an abandoned puppy. Don’t leave without sharing this incredible story.

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