Veterinary Had No Idea That She Would Become Popular After Being Recorded For Her Kindness

With trembling paws between her chest, this veterinarian has moved everyone on the networks for her exceptional gesture of love towards a stray puppy.

The life of homeless animals is not easy and that is not a secret to anyone. However, there are many people who are indifferent to the pain of these creatures.

But the veterinarian in this story is not one of them and that is why she earned everyone’s recognition.

As a professional passionate about her work, the young Brazilian Giovana is not afraid to help the defenseless animals that come to her office, but a few weeks ago it was the turn of a puppy that stole her heart.

The puppy is Pituco, a black mestizo who trembled with pain for everything he had suffered on the streets.

The creature was rescued and taken to the veterinary center where Giovana works, Petit Colosso based in Bertioga, on the coast of Sao Paulo.

The puppy arrived at the veterinary office, thanks to a frequent client of the clinic who decided to rescue him.

The cub was between three and four months old, but his health was hanging by a thread. Pituco was not feeling well, he suffered from severe anemia and was very weak.

The little animal did not have the strength to resist anything, but he was uncomfortable in the consultation. The vet noticed Pituco’s nerves and wanted to calm him down with the most tender gesture we have ever seen.

Giovana began to sing to the puppy.

Rocking him in her arms, as if it were a baby, the vet hummed lullabies to calm the frightened puppy. The moment was so tender that a young woman named Stefania asked the veterinarian for permission to record it.

The girl was in the clinic waiting for her pet to be treated, when she saw Giovana’s gesture with the unrescued puppy.

The moment stole her heart and she wanted to record it with her cell phone.

After the episode, the video was shared on social networks and, to the veterinarian’s surprise, she and Pituco went viral. Many people praised the affection with which she treated the furry one.

“Yes, sir, we need many, many people like her to have a better world,” Klarinda Gordillo wrote on Facebook.

For the vet everything has been a surprise. As she revealed to a local media, she never imagined that the girl would be encouraged to share it. For Giovana she was just doing her job.

“She stopped and said ‘let me shoot this scene because it’s so beautiful’. And so she did. No filter, no editing, no intention, just from the heart!”, the veterinarian pointed out in the interview.

In the recording it is seen how the veterinarian achieves her mission and Pituco’s nerves are completely gone. In fact, the puppy licks her nose and the girl does not show any bad reaction.

This veterinarian is an example of humility and dedication for what she does, surely her patients will find in her the love they need.

Pituco not only ran into Giovana’s kindness, but also that of the man who decided to rescue him from the streets and took him to his consultation with the best veterinarian. All this shows us that, although the world is sometimes flooded with negative news, there are still people who are committed to doing good.

The case of the veterinarian and the future that awaits Pituco is an undoubted example of this. For now, we stand up and join the wave of blessings and applause that are raining down on Giovana.

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