UPS Driver Jumps Into Icy Pond In Order To Save A Drowning Dog Then Finishes His Route

Ryan Arens, a delivery person for UPS, was in Montana when he saw something mysterious floating in the ice-cold waters.

Looking a little closer, he realized it was a dog and immediately noticed something has gone wrong. It was uncommon for a dog to swim in freezing temperatures. The drowning dog was desperately crying to search for help.

The driver saw that the poor dog holding onto a chunk of ice and he did not wish to make things worse. Another kind man in a paddling boat was trying to save the drowning dog too. The driver undressed, wearing boxers and keeping his socks on, wanted to help the dog. He got on the boat and then on the ice that was slimming continuously. He could see the dog struggling to keep her head above the water level. Arens thought for a moment that he could slip and die but when the ice cracked, he fell into the water.

In the middle of such a bad situation, Arens’ priority was to rescue the drowning dog. He swam and got hold of the dog’s collar. He then pulled her up on the block of ice and got her to the shore. Meanwhile, the poor dog was trying to get on the block but her legs weren’t working – the water was freezing. Once they were on the shore, Arens ran to get help. One of the neighbors gave him a towel with which he wrapped the shivering dog. Another resident had a wood stove and invited the duo to warm up a little. The generous resident even prepared warm water so that it can be used to help the dog recover from the cold.

Arens rubbed her belly with warm water and slowly escaped from danger. The resident even checked the dog’s body temperature and as he was a veterinarian, he could comment on the seriousness of the situation. If Arens did not get the dog out of the ice-cold water in time, she would have suffered a heart attack in a few minutes. The owner of the dog was looking for her crazily as she had run away while playing with the neighbor’s dog. Arens soon took Sadie, the dog, to her home which was a few blocks away from the lake.


But Arens was not one to forget his duties. He gets injured with some cuts while rescuing Sadie but after handing her over to her owner, Arens went about his job and delivered 20 packages that day!

Later, Arens met the dog again while he was out for delivery. As luck would have it, Arens had a delivery for Sadie’s owner and the dog ran to him! The owner thanked Arens with all his heart and Sadie greeted him thankfully. Arens recollected the incident with warmth as he loves animals and would do the same once again if the situation arises.

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