Unfortunate Loss Of The Puppy At The Beach

Dogs are undoubtedly great pets who love to accompany us wherever they are. Some love to play in the water, while others not so much. Chris Taylor’s Labrador O.G. loved going to the beach with his owner just like he did. However, it cost this little dog his life one day at the beach.

Chris Taylor adopted O.G, a black Lab, and since then they have had fun and unforgettable moments. They were great friends, and Chris used to take O.G everywhere, as the little dog loved to accompany him, especially to the beach. Both Chris and O.G. they loved the sun, the sand and the sea. Many times they went to the beach together, but one day was different.

That day, the pair of friends swam in the sea, O.G. He loved jumping in the water, running behind the waves and along the beach. All day they were having fun, it was a sunny and beautiful day to enjoy it there. At the end of the day, when they returned home, O.G. he was down; Chris thought it was normal, he must be tired.

One day at the beach cost the puppy his life for the most unexpected reason

The next day, O.G. He was still down, but also, now he did not want to receive food and his eyes were lost. Concerned, Chris decided to rush him to the vet to find out what was wrong with his pet and help him recover. Unfortunately, by the time he got to the vet clinic, it was too late.

O.G. he lost his life after a couple of minutes at the clinic, and the vet explained to Chris what had happened. The poor farmer had become dehydrated, because he had ingested a lot of sea water, which contains a large quantity of salt; This affected the puppy’s brain and ended his life.

Chris, devastated by the loss of his faithful friend with whom he had lived for 7 years of his life, felt that it was important for people to know his story. Puppies when they play in the sea or in a pool, inevitably inadvertently ingest the water on which they are swimming.

“No matter how much they love being in the water (many times they just want to be in the water so they can be with you), it’s important to know that they have a limit and it’s much lower than humans,” said Chris.

That is why if you visit the beach with your pet, you must make sure to hydrate it well and control the time it plays in the water. This will prevent them from getting sick and guarantee their well-being.

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