Two Puppies Found Safety And Comfort In The Friendship That Saved Their Lives

Jeremiah and Neal arrived at the Texas high-kill shelter as strays. They were picked up separately, and both were alone.

Seeing his pen-mate was going to lie down, Jeremiah, the small black dog, found the perfect place to hug, too. He laid down on Neal’s side, snuggle his face into the dog’s neck.
Jeremiah crawled over to Neal and lay on top of him.

They had both just been brought into a high-kill shelter by animal control in Texas, and, judging by how sick they were, their future was obvious: They would likely be put down as the public shelter didn’t have enough resources to treat them.

Seeing the two puppies in such trouble, the shelter reached out to Stacey Silverstein, the founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.

When she saw them, she couldn’t say “no”.
“Jeremiah buscava conforto, e Neal estava aceitando isso”, disse Stacey. “Eles sabiam que estavam em perigo.”

“Jeremiah sought comfort, and Neal was accepting of it,” said Stacey Silverstein, founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. “They knew they were in danger.”

If Silverstein had not stepped in, the fate of the two puppies would likely end badly. It’s the sad reality of high-kill shelters that many dogs that are sick or injured, pregnant or perfectly healthy will end up euthanized.

Silverstein also rescued another dog (Jagger) from the same pen. All three dogs had mange and Jeremiah has an eye ulcer that may result in blindness.


While there’s still a long road ahead, especially for little Jeremiah, the greatest comfort will be having a friend by his side.
“They’re amazing little dogs,” Silverstein said. “They’re very nervous and not well right now, so obviously they’re weeks away from recovery. But they’re all puppies — so sweet and nice. Hopefully they will recover quickly, so they can come here to New York to be adopted into perfect homes.”

Source: Reshareworthy

Image Source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

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