Transformation Of Uncared Cat After Being Freed From 5 Pounds Of Matted Fur

In December 2016, The Anti-Cruelty Society of Chicago received a phone call about a Persian cat named Sinbad living alone in an elderly man’s basement, needed care.

When investigators went to the man’s house to check on the cat, they were surprised by what they found. The cat had been so neglected that he own fur was actually trapping him and he could barely able to walk. The fur was so matted and heavy (around five pounds), it was filled with dirt and feces.

The investigators talked to the elderly man, and he agreed to give Sinbad to the animal shelter. They rushed Sinbad over to the shelter and the staff spent hours shaving his fur. As a result, he looked like a whole new cat.

Despite everything he went through, Sinbad is very cute and loves to get affection from everyone. Although he was neglected most of his life, he still loves people. “The poor kitty was grateful for any affection he received as he had his cocoon of mats removed.”
Fortunately, a man named Elliot adopted Sinbad and gave him a new loving home. He surely loves his new home and his new dad. Finally, the adorable elderly cat has found a great place to enjoy a good life. If you want to see more photos of Sinbad, check out his Instagram page.

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