Traffic Cameras Capture The Woman Who Stopped Her Car Risking Her Life For A Dog

Many are the people we will meet throughout our lives. Some will stay with us for a while, others will stay with us forever. There will be people who in their wake draw a fleeting trail in our hearts and others who, without knowing it, will help us to continue on our way by giving us more than one reason for it.

We like to call this last group of people anonymous heroes. People who would do anything to help someone in trouble. Such is the case of a woman who was captured by traffic cameras on a highway in Arizona, United States.

The image recorded the exact moment when the driver stopped her vehicle when she realized that an injured puppy was lying on the side of the road, probably the result of a run over. She did not think twice to help the injured dog. Her caresses were magical for the little animal. They restored him to his calm and he was able to help him out of there.

And so, thanks to the capture of the video taken by the lens of the Arizona Department of Transportation traffic camera, we have learned of the nobility that still resides in the hearts of many people. While it was difficult to know how long the puppy had been in that state, an officer notified a rescue team to help him.

But, the woman was ahead of them. The rescue team was able to see this good Samaritan arrive first and, like a guardian angel, get out of the car swift and fast, despite the risk of being in the middle of a fast track. Finally, she managed to help the defenseless canine in disgrace.

“The world is full of good people, and they are almost always anonymous heroes who take risks without expecting to be recognized or praised for simply having a good heart,” commented one of the officers.

After several minutes of calming and stroking the dog in the middle of the road, she gained the trust of the dog and took him in her arms to take him in her vehicle for first aid.

For their part, in a sincere gesture of appreciation for the enormous empathy shown by this citizen, the Arizona Department of Transportation officials shared the moment on their social media accounts.

“From the institution, we praise this act of nobility and selflessness on the part of this exemplary citizen. Let’s hope that more actions like this are repeated every day, ”they said from the Department.

Although it is not yet known for sure how the animal was injured or how it ended up on the highway, the police hope that both he and his rescuer are well. Surely it will be so, because acts like these can only be rewarded in positive things for life.

Anonymous heroes. People who brighten life, who with a simple gesture can change the direction of the compass forever. Heroes and heroines who do not need a cape or a super production that supports and proclaims their powers.

Share this story with your friends. Anonymous heroes have that intrinsic ability to go through life helping others, and they are almost never aware of it.

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